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California Parking Services
has the experience and resources
to ensure the success of your special event whether its a small private party at home or a corporate event for a 1000 or more guests. Valet parking at special events, most of the time, is a necessity that:

• Gives prestige to event.
• Provides assistance to guests.
• Improves traffic flow.
• Maximizes parking spaces

California Parking Services is proud to have served many corporate, studio and private clients. A partial list of clients includes:

  • VH-1
  • Walt Disney Parks & Resort
  • Warner Brothers Networks
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Sequoia Productions
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • MTV Networks
  • SilverSpoon
  • Buena Vista Special Events
  • Christies Great Estate
  • Kari Feistein’s Style Lounge


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