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California Parking Services manages and/or leases several parking structures and lots strategically located
in SoCal. The key to a successful parking management lies mainly in identifying market growth areas, find
the appropriate property and offering the right service packages to meet demand.

To meet these goals, California Parking Services management monitors and evaluates the following:

  • Contract management and compliance.
  • Attendants customer service skills and training.
  • Automation analysis.
  • Parking rates surveys.
  • Products and service packages offered.
  • Financial accountability.
  • Parking layout to maximize space availability.
  • Risk management and loss prevention.


Some of the services that California Parking Services offers includes but not limited to:

  • Public parking.
  • Monthly day and/or night parking.
  • Lot rental for movie shoots, premiers and special events.
  • Valet parking.

Parking Management & Leasing is one of the fastest growing divisions of California Parking Services.
Its importance lies in our long term growth strategy.

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